After a rocking February that produced NASCAR‘s fiery return at Daytona, night after night of NHL matches, Spring Training opening its gates, and intense conference college hoop action, March gives absolutely no indication of slowing the pace.

Navigating the NHL season without a home team did not bode well for this Atlanta fan. Expecting to take a casual—whatever!—attitude to the sport and forced to watch random teams playing on random days just did not seem… well, exciting. Confession time—I was so wrong. Thanks to NBC SportsNBC Sports Network, and a subscription to the NHL Networkevery night is hockey night in this household! Going from a Fan Without a Team has evolved to a Fan of Many Teams through the search for the New #1 Team. Trouble is, the Final Four teams keep changing as the NHL Network brings different players and different teams into the living room on a daily basis. The teams I thought I would follow most closely (and eventually go to a game or two during the season)—Chicago, Montreal, Nashville, and Tampa Bay—have evolved to the New Final Four: the Penguins (They’re smokin’ hot even without Sid Crosby), the Kings (Well, you do know how appealing those bad boys are), the Capitals (See LA Kings), and the Lightning, the only team remaining from the original Final Four. There is just something about those Bolts

Ok, super confession time. I even found myself cheering for the despised (in Atlanta) New York Rangers last night. I do not want to like them. I will not like them. But, as long as King Henrik guards the net…well, never say never. @HLundqvist30.

In the midst of this super-charged NHL playoff race, College Hoops take center court with conference tournaments and tomorrow’s Selection Sunday. The ACC Tournament Semifinal’s underway today—wondering which Blue Devil team will show up to play FSU? And will there be a third Carolina-Duke match Sunday? It’s definitely time to brush up on Bracketology before the Madness begins next week.

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And what better way to kick off a month than by vicariously attending one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year—an Apple product launch? This week’s media event produced compelling play-by-play action worldwide via Twitter and live blog feeds as the new iPad and Apple TV promise to deliver even more magical capabilities.

You know the NCAA tournament has a huge negative impact on office productivity, but have you ever wondered if an Apple product launch has a similar effect? Think many IT guys realize the cause of the sudden drops in bandwidth availability during Apple media events—or during the pre-ordering frenzy that follows?

OK, one more confession… Guilty as described. Followed play-by-play action; iPad and Apple TV ordered launch day.

But how can a sports fan can exist without mobile access to any event 24/7/365? Just saying.

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