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By: Michelle Zehr

Zehr is a contributing writer with Gold Star Games, your tailgating games company.

As if the Pittsburgh Penguins were not hot enough already, the Pens, their fans and the entire NHL just received word that Sidney is back. Crosby will make his return to the ice on March 15 in Madison Square Garden versus the New York Rangers. Crosby Watch is over and now all eyes will be on Madison Square Garden on Thursday night as the Pens take on the Eastern conference leaders.

Having won their last nine in a row, the Pens were already a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference as well as a dominate force in the entire league and are just four points behind the Rangers in the standings. The Rangers are currently sitting on top of the Eastern standings.

Crosby, who has been battling concussion problems, has not played since December 5 and has only made an appearance in eight games this season, may just give the Pens that little extra push that will boost them over the Rangers in the standings. Despite having played only eight games this season, Crosby scored two goals and has 12 points. These goals were scored in his first game of the year in a 5-0 victory over the New York Islanders back on November 21.

Most would say that Crosby’s return could not come at a better time as the Pens prepare to take on the Rangers. Now that the Pens have Sid, who has been a driving force behind the Pens since day one, back on the ice, many experts believe there could be big things in store for the Pens this post-season.

With the return of Crosby and a Red-Hot Penguins team, one thing is for certain: the Rangers, the Eastern conference and the entire NHL should be on alert. The March may really be the March of the Penguins.

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