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Pre-Order This Piece of My Heart Chicks Dig Sports and Romance with Robyn Ryan in Atlanta GAWith This Piece of My Heart’s May 2 release date quickly approaching, we’re offering a .99 (USD) pre-order special in the US, Canada and the UK. Between now through May 2, readers can pre-order this first book in the Clearing the Ice series from iBooks or Amazon for just .99. iBooks offers a sample to download also, if you’d like to read the first few chapters.

Embarking on this journey several years ago, I honestly never thought the day would come when “the book” would reach publication! However, I have been blessed with the encouragement and tough love of an online writers’ group, WritersThatChat. Accountability does enhance motivation!

Hope you’ve had a chance to meet the main characters in this hockey romance, Caryn Stevens and Andrew Chadwick—in their own words. These posts do not appear in the book, but will give readers an introduction to their personalities and, of course, hints about the storyline.

One of my first readers kindly stated:

“This Piece of My Heart is a light-hearted sports romance novel I had the opportunity to beta read. If you like hockey and romance, you will love this book.”

If you are a blogger interested in reviewing the book, please send me a note using the form at the bottom of this page. Advance Review Copies (ARC) are available in both epub and kindle format, as well as pdf.

Enjoy your day!


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