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Turner Field, 2010 MLB Play-Offs

Best Seat in the House... Turner Field.

Is there a better way to celebrate the 4th of July than watching the home team win… Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie…. and fireworks? Wonder if Atlanta Braves fans realize just how lucky they are? Fielding competitive teams for 20-straight years causes even the most rabid fan to take Winning! for granted. Fellow Braves fans, if you ever start taking this team for granted, just remember—Chicago Cubs fans have not seen a World Championship in over 100 years…. a World Series since 1945…. and yet, somehow, they keep on believing in “next year.”

Don’t you just love Thor Hushovd (“the god of thunder”) in the yellow jersey three days straight? With the Tour de France just four stages underway, still getting used to new teams, new cyclists, and old friends on different teams… Liking “Big George” Hincapie showing why he’s the MVP of every team he leads, working as hard in his 16th Tour as he did in his first. Missing Robbie McEwen‘s “take no prisoners” sprints.

Have you considered that the NBA lockout might be the best thing to happen to college basketball—and college athletes? One and Done transforms great opportunities to gain an education, while enhancing athletic talent, into a system that encourages young men to choose between honoring a commitment to a school and a coach (and the opportunity to gain a paid-for education) and rolling the dice in a lottery draft system promising huge payoffs. For every LeBron James, there are dozens of Kwame Brown‘s who would have benefited professionally and personally by gaining an education and developing their talent at the college level rather than by playing limited minutes in the NBA. Not too optimistic that the NBA will consider what’s best for the student-athletes. But, if the lock-out continues, some future All Stars might decide that Four and Done is the better choice.

Reminder of What Was Once.... Daytona

The Daytona Coke Zero 400 was a HUGE disappointment. Do not like the two-car shuffle. Period. Give me bump drafting and racing. The new surfaces in Daytona and Talledega have ruined two great tracks. Will we have to wait another 15 or 20 years to see an old-fashioned Daytona shoot out?

Oh, yes, I do know this is Tuesday. With the holiday yesterday, it just feels like Monday today.

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