Very pleased to welcome fellow NHL fan, Michelle Zehr, who has written a very timely and thought-provoking article about Sid Crosby’s continued issues post-concussion. She raises some great issues about Sid’s future. Read more in her blog at Gold Star Games . Thanks, Michelle—Looking forward to seeing more from you soon!

By: Michelle Zehr

Crosby watch continues. Should Sidney Crosby’s nagging neck/concussion issues force him into a very early retirement, Sid is in a line for a rather large payday. Years ago, this Pittsburgh Penguin superstar purchased a permanent disability contract. This contract could provide Sid with a $20 million pay check, should he retire before the contract expires.

Crosby, along with many high-profile NHL players, has extensive insurance policies to go along with their existing player contacts. NHL players, who find themselves sidelined with hockey-related injuries, still receive their paychecks. High-profile players often purchase off-ice insurance to provide financial support should they become injured away from the ice. For instance if a player is in a car accident, they are still covered. The one thing the NHL is not happy about is players, who injury themselves trying out extreme sports.

Crosby has extensive coverage, which covers him no matter what he is up to. Pat Brisson, who is Sid’s agent, has confirmed that Crosby has extensive coverage, but will not confirm the exact dollar amount of his policy.

Should Crosby collect this believed-to-be massive payout, all professional sports could feel the effects. Insurance companies may not have the funds available to pay other athletes, who choose to retire after injury and cash in on their insurance policies. Should Crosby choose to retire and then return to the game, he would need to repay his entire insurance policy.

As the NHL and Crosby fans continue to Crosby watch, the news remains about the same. There is no time-table for return. However, Sid has been skating with the team this week.

Zehr is a contributing writer for Gold Star Games. Check out her blog at and visit Gold Star Games for some pretty cool sports merchandise…. Check out this—Sid Crosby life-size for your living room! Hmmm… where’s Dale Junior???

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