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Bomb CycloneBomb Cyclone. Had anyone heard of a “Bomb Cyclone” before last week’s media deluge? Those of us on the Eastern Coast waited apprehensively for the “hurricane force winds,” the massive drop in barometric pressure, and the arctic blast to descend all the way down the coast to Florida…Well, you’ve seen the photos…not pretty. It’s not the best start to 2018 if you’re cold-adverse and living in the South. But, “Bomb Cyclone’s” a term that gets the brain thinking about possible plot ideas. Maybe this summer when it’s sunny and 85° I’ll work on those ideas, but right now, just trying to deal with this cold.

Winter’s a great time to curl up with a blanket, a cup of cocoa, and a hot new book. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for books for your e-reader. Don’t you just love when you find a great deal on a book by an author you follow, or a freebie that catches your attention from a new-to-you author?

Confession—these .99 or free books (for me) quite often result in the purchase of an entire series or other books by the same author, so this really is not the best way for me to save money. But, if it’s freezing and you don’t want to won’t go outside, what’s better than binge reading an entire series?

Besides learning about Bomb Cyclones, last week I discovered three new (to me) sources of discounted or free e-books. Besides offering very affordable promotional opportunities for authors, each of these sites offers a bonanza of free and discounted books for romance readers. In return for free books, you’ll be asked to sign up for an author’s newsletter. If you choose a bargain book, you’ll most likely be directed to its Amazon link—but check your favorite e-book source, and you’ll probably find the same deal there.

The first site, Bookzio, offers free and discounted books in over 30 different genres—truly something for everyone. If you check Bookzio’s site, I suspect you’ll find books to books to your device! Sign up for their newsletter and select the genres that interest you—you’ll never miss a deal! The book links also allow you to choose the vendor from whom you’ll receive your new free or discounted read.

Bomb Cyclone

Awesome source for free or discounted romance books!

The next site, Buzz Books, rotates romance books continually—many free or heavily discounted. In return for free books, you’re asked to sign up for an author’s newsletter. Several new books joined my TBR list and if this cold “snap” continues much longer, there’s no chance I’ll run out of reading material! Yep, signed up for a few newsletters—remember, you can opt out of an email list at any time, but I enjoy reading what other authors share. Buzz Books also has a newsletter.

Bomb Cyclone

Free previews, short stories, and novels from 30+ romance authors.

The third, Hot Cocoa and Romance is a Giveaway with 30-plus participating romance authors. This promo lasts from January 9-23. You’ll find previews, short stories and full-length novels in many sub-genres of romance. Hosted by Rebekah Dodson, the author of The Summer of .89, the giveaway’s authors ask that you sign up for their newsletters in return for the free preview or full-length novel. Again, if you choose, you can “unsubscribe” at any time, but please give the authors a chance by reading a few newsletters! (Newsletters are a terrific source of free books, giveaways, previews, and opportunities to participate as an ARC reader.)

Disclaimer—I have listed one or more of my books on these sites. I’m sharing this info with you because if you love reading romance, these sources help you discover new authors, get a deal from authors you follow—or just take a chance on a book that looks great. Win-win for you and the author.

Other than dodging the Bomb Cyclone and stocking up on new books, I began writing the next novel in what will be tagged The Tampa Bomb CycloneSuns Hockey Series. Each of these books will be a standalone romance, with NO CLIFFHANGERS, and an HEA. However, you may encounter some old friends from previous books from time-to-time. 😉

If you’ve found other resources for free or discounted books, please share in the comments below. Affordable reading—one resolution for 2018!

Thanks. Stay Warm!

~ Robyn

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