Day 74 of the NHL Lockout. “Negotiations” going about as well as the “Fiscal Cliff” debate—in other words, nowhere. Posturing, PR campaigns, Twitter, and media interviews comprise the “weapons” of choice in the courting of public opinion. If two sides don’t talk directly—or if one or both sides refuse to consider compromise—the standoff will continue until the NHL throws itself over a Fiscal Cliff of its own choosing.

Actually heard the novel idea of bringing in Replacement Players in an effort to force the NHLPA to break ranks. That was worth a good chuckle, thinking back to the ill-fated Replacement Players who were to play the 2005 MLB season. That worked about as well as those NFL Replacement Refs that began the 2012-13 season. You really think fans will pay NHL ticket prices to watch Replacement Players? The AHL and ECHL will suffice quite nicely, thank you.

Thought—since the League refuses to allow the players to honor their contracts and thus earn a paycheck—what a perfect opportunity for a new League to emerge… different teams, different owners, profitable markets. Remember the WHA?

Meanwhile, the Lockout has pretty much ruined the 2012-13 season. No Winter Classic. No All Star Festivities. Too many games already canceled, with more sure to follow. Just don’t get it. Resigned to a long, cold Winter with no Hockey Nights to bridge a beautiful Fall with an early Spring.

The upside? Less distraction… more time to work on that “Romance” part of this blog (stay tuned, girls). The beauty of writing fiction—the author holds the power and decides how the plot evolves. If the Lockout 2012 were a novel, this writer would have scripted a very different course.

On the bright side? Checked the Daytona 2013 Countdown Clock. Just 87 days until Daytona 500, 2013.



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