"This Piece of My Heart delivers a sweet love story that still sizzles -- a must-read for anyone looking for the perfect happily-ever-after.” -- Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author of "I Do (But I Don't).” This Piece of My Heart, the first book in the Breaking the Ice Series, debuted May 2 on Amazon and iBooks—just in time for your summer beach read! Now on Kobo and Nook. Prefer paperback ? We’ve got it! Available US/CA/UK

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Excerpt: This Piece of My Heart, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 excerpt: On the eve of the NHL season, Andrew and the Leafs travel to Europe for exhibition games against the European Elite teams. The lengthy separation causes Caryn anxiety—was her time with Drew just a summer romance?

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Preview: This Piece of My Heart Chapter 20

Preview: Chapter 20 Scene: Caryn’s parents give her an ultimatum—Quit seeing Andrew or cut ties with her family, lose access to her trust fund, and move out of the townhouse they’d purchased for her to live in while attending the university… Conflicted, hurt, and angry, she is not sure what she wants to do.

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Hip Check

What do you do when your NHL team heads North to Winnipeg? Keep following the team? No, that feels a bit like getting dumped, then being asked to stay friends.”  Follow the local ECHL team? Well, they do play fifteen minutes away and you can get a first row seat on the corner for less than $20.oo. The games are a lot of fun, but players come and go, so you don’t really have a chance to cheer for a favorite player—you don’t want them to stay in AA too long. Besides, it’s not the NHL. Thus began the “The Quest for a New Favorite Hockey Team.”

The Agony and The Ecstasy. Repeat.

Not exactly a calm week around here. Kinda like that iconic opening sequence from The Wide World of Sports: The thrill of victory; the agony of defeat. Only in this case, reverse that order. Two sports currently monopolize the televisions in this home: Hockey and... read more

It’s Getting Ugly Around Here. #BecauseIt’sTheCup

Definitely accustomed to living in a home where sports rivalries often divide the ranks. In Chicago, you’re either a Cubs’ fan or a Sox’ fan. Pretty simple, because in the days before inter league baseball, the only time the two sets of fans faced... read more

Yellow Caution Flag

Countdown to Daytona 2014—the 3 Car is Back

It will be 13 years since the #3 car has competed in a Sprint Cup Race… February 18, 2001. NASCAR lost one of its greatest drivers during the last lap of the Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt, who won six of his seven Cup Championships driving for Richard Childress... read more

Slam Dunk

Hot Damn! A Title This Atlanta Chick’s Proud to Claim.

Forget the Worst Sports Town in the US and the City Whose Fans Do Not Deserve a Championship Game. Movoto.com, a real estate site, conducted its own survey and concluded that Hotlanta earned the designation as the Most Redneck City in the U.S. Now this is an honor... read more

This is No April Fool’s Joke. Seriously.

Like any self-respecting Atlanta sports fan, I have an instinctive, virulent, extremely strong dislike for any sports team bearing a NY logo. Doesn’t matter: Mets… Knicks… Giants… Islanders… especially the Yankees. Don’t like them.... read more

Hot Corner

All Things Considered, Two Out of Three Not Too Shabby

Not often you get the opportunity to actually knock two items off a Bucket List (Sports Bucket List in this case.) Last weekend we headed Way Way North to Montreal to: 1) See an Original Six match in the Montreal Canadiens’ home arena, the Centre Bell; 2) Watch... read more

It IS About the Bike

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